Features you'll soon rely on

From onboarding new clients to filing your taxes. InGym is full of features to make your life easier.

A schedule for your business and pleasure

Use our schedule to plan your client sessions, consultations, appointments and holidays. No need for multiple systems and you'll never double book.

Sign up new clients remotely or in-person

Take a new prospect from initial consultation to paying customer without any paper forms. New clients enter all their details on-screen with everything stored online including PAR-Q, training agreement and an emergency contact.

Train clients seamlessly in-person and remotely

Plan and track training in-person and on platforms including Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp. Details are included in session plans and reminders so your clients know where to be. Monthly location reports help you calculate rent payments.

Max your income with group training

Train multiple clients at the same time in a group booking. You can charge each client a different amount and track their payments and attendance separately.

Schedule training programmes with speed

Repeat a session with a single tap and InGym instantly checks your availability against existing commitments in your schedule. Resolve any highlighted issues and you're done.

Sell training time however you want

Assign training time to a client and pre-plan as many sessions as you wish. Schedule the rest later one-by-one or in groups, increasing or decreasing a booking's total time allocation if plans change.

Train with different session lengths

Plan client sessions from 15 minutes to hours long, and train different session lengths in the same booking. InGym automatically keeps track of remaining booking time for you.

Business summary with smart actions

InGym automatically tracks activity as you work, reminding you of important jobs that need doing, freeing up your mind to concentrate on your clients.

Stay in sync with your clients

Clients get a summary of each new booking including a session plan and payment request. Later, provide updated versions with new sessions and a statement of payments received.

Send email and SMS notifications

Instant alerts to clients if you cancel or reschedule a session, along with automated reminders for clients who often forget about their training sessions.

Track payments and expenses together

Booking prices are calculated automatically and money owed is automatically tracked against each client. Log all the client payments you receive as well as the money you spend on rent, equipment, etc.

Reports for tracking profit and filing taxes

InGym lets you generate week-by-week or month-by-month reports for an entire year or custom dates. You can choose to report based on sales you've made, or the payments you've received.

And there's more

  • Managed consultations

    Schedule new client consultations, send confirmations and reminders, then track all your follow ups.

  • Digital PAR-Q

    Gather PAR-Q responses directly into InGym for you to review, store and update whenever needed.

  • Training agreements

    Create multiple agreements based on the services you offer with different clients signed up to each.

  • Worldwide support

    You can use InGym as a trainer in all parts of the world, using any international currency.

  • Email marketing

    Use InGym to email multiple clients at the same time. Handy for sending out offers and promotions.

  • Personal task list

    InGym includes your own personal to-do list. Great for jotting down those jobs you don't want to forget.

  • Training notes

    Attach notes to all your schedule items. Useful for planning or recording session/consultation details.

  • Attendance records

    Track which clients are reliable and who often misses training to see how much training time is being wasted.

  • Daily emails

    InGym emails you at the start of each day with a summary of whats happening, when and when.

  • Clear days with a tap

    If for any reason you can't work, cancel an entire day with one tap and InGym will notify everyone immediately.