Helping you to become a more effective trainer

Our features take care of the boring stuff so you can concentrate on doing what you’re good at.

Schedule everything

Use the InGym scheduler to organise your work and personal life in one place so you don't need to run two systems. Never plan a client session over a lunch date again!

  • 1 Plan client training sessions
  • 2 Arrange new client consultations
  • 3 Add appointments to you diary
  • 4 Block out holidays and personal time

Flexible bookings

Create bookings for each of your client's training time. Arrange complete session schedules in advance, or sell packages of time and arrange their sessions later.

  • Create bookings and sessions of different lengths
  • Arrange sessions up front, or one-by-one
  • Monitor client progress and remaining training time

Session repeating

Repeat sessions with a single click and InGym checks your future availability instantly. Review clashes and make adjustments immediately. No more diaries or double bookings.

Small-group training

Maximise income by training more than one client at the same time in a group booking.

  • Charge different amounts to each client in the same booking
  • Record client attendances and payments separately

Client signups

New clients enter their details on-screen. Everything is stored online, always available and easy to update including:

  • Personal details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Training goals and notes
  • Digital PAR-Q
  • Client-Trainer agreements

Client messaging

Make your client communication more efficient by using InGym's instant email and SMS notifications for sending:

  • Training session plans
  • Statements/invoices
  • Automatic session reminders
  • Payment receipts

Payments and expenses

Booking costs are calculated using your hourly rate and money owed is automatically tracked against each client. Log all the money you receive and spend to see how effective your training business is:

  • Measure business growth over time
  • Track client debt and late payers
  • Enter your business expenses
  • Generate profit/loss reports
  • Simplify your tax filing

Your clever task list

InGym tracks and reminds you about any jobs that need doing, so your mind is free to concentrate on training.

  • Follow up on new-client consultations
  • Schedule time owed to clients
  • Reschedule a cancelled session
  • Record client attendances
  • Renew outdated client agreements
  • Add your own tasks

And much more

  • Training agreements

    Easily create and manage multiple client-trainer agreements for the different types of training you do.

  • PAR-Q

    Gather PAR-Q responses directly into InGym for you to review, store and update whenever you need. 

  • Training notes

    Attach notes to all your schedule items. Useful for planning or recording session/consultation details.

  • Training locations

    Assign training locations to your appointments. Client schedules include the location of each session.

  • Attendance records

    See which clients are reliable and who often misses training. Track how much training time is wasted.

  • Cancellations

    Cancel individual sessions or entire days with a single click and notifications sent to clients.