Why established personal trainers use InGym

As a busy PT you're spending time with clients, making new connections, learning new skills, having meetings, and training yourself. But what about your admin?

Do you spend your evenings updating a spreadsheet, emailing, and texting clients? If so then you're the reason we built InGym!

Business management from client signup to tax reports.

Business management from client signup to tax reports.

It's like having a personal assistant

  • You're always up to date with your business

    InGym automatically tracks your work activity, updating your key client, training, and financial information in real time so you always know where you stand.

  • Completely remove paper from your life

    No need to carry a diary or folder any more. Switch to managing your PAR-Q's, training agreements and diary electronically, saving you time (and trees).

  • Simplify your client onboarding

    Send consultation details to potential clients automatically, add notes for your reference and sign them up on screen when they're ready to train.

  • Spend less time organising your diary

    Add and remove events from your schedule with ease, repeating sessions into future weeks quickly with your availability checked instantly.

  • Save yourself from long email sessions

    The information you regularly send clients about their training and payments can be sent with a single click instead of writing time consuming emails.

  • Simplify multi-gym working life

    Assigning your training locations to sessions helps when planning your days, with the details included in each client's session plan.

  • Reminders for your forgetful clients

    Send email and SMS reminders to clients about their upcoming appointments to reduce no-shows!

  • Start group training to maximise income

    Train multiple clients at the same time, tracking their attendance and payments separately.

Unsure about anything?

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InGym takes care of the business aspects so I can focus on delivering effective sessions in the gym.

Megan D.

Transformation Coach, London

Adam Miller.Transformation Coach, London
I've tried the other systems out there for PT's, but InGym did what I needed and is much easier to use.

Jason S.

Personal Trainer, Melbourne

Adam Miller.Personal Trainer, Melbourne
I used to carry a diary and folder everywhere for years. Now all I need is my iPad!

Jamie R.

Freelance PT, London

Leon Bienek.Freelance PT, London
It's like InGym has my back. It's reminded me about things I'd forgotten which has saved me money!

Marko P.

Body transformation Coach, Dubai

Leon Bienek.Body transformation Coach, Dubai