Grow your personal training business with InGym

Starting out as a personal trainer is hard work. Networking and building up a client base takes time that shouldn't be spent thinking about admin or paperwork.

InGym is ready-made to organise your business, giving you the confidence to become established and attract new clients!

InGym brings structure and flexibility to your new business.

InGym brings structure and flexibility to your new business.

Benefits of having InGym by your side

  • Booking, time, and price flexibility

    Experiment with different packages and prices with your early clients. With InGym this is easy to do so you can discover what works, and what doesn't.

  • Save yourself from long email sessions

    The information you need to send clients about their training and payments can be sent with a single click instead of time consuming emails.

  • Client-trainer agreements included

    No need to create your own filing system for client-trainer agreements. With InGym agreement signing, storage and tracking is included as standard.

  • Digital PAR-Q forms included

    Clients record their responses on screen for you to review with everything stored automatically. We'll even remind you when a client's information needs updating.

  • Easy expense tracking and reports

    You'll spend money whilst setting up and running your business. Get used to recording those expenses from day one to make filing future taxes a breeze.

  • Watch as your business develops

    As time passes InGym shows how your business is changing in real-time, which is great for your motivation and for spotting future opportunities.

  • Automatic session reminders

    You'll discover that some clients are forgetful, so have InGym send them an automated reminder before each session!

  • Your entire business is in one place

    Everything you need to start growing your business in one place that's available on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Unsure about anything?

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InGym gave me confidence and structure when I needed to get out there and find clients.

Alex F.

Fitness coach, Cambridge

Adam Miller.Fitness coach, Cambridge
I've tried the other systems out there for PT's, but InGym did what I needed and is much easier to use.

Jason S.

Personal Trainer, Melbourne

Adam Miller.Personal Trainer, Melbourne