Get your personal training business started with InGym

When starting out as a newly qualified personal trainer you don't want to worry about admin and paperwork. Use InGym completely free to start your new business, with features that will let you concentrate on what's important, getting clients!

  • New client consultations

    Arrange consultations with potential clients, emailing them the details with a single click.

  • Sign up with PAR-Q

    Gather PAR-Q responses directly into InGym for you to review, store and update whenever you need. 

  • Training agreements

    New clients review and confirm your client-trainer agreement(s) during the client sign up process.

  • Information sent to clients

    Send training schedules, invoices and payment details to your clients with a single click.

  • Flexible sessions

    Schedule sessions from 15 minutes to hours long, with different lengths in the same booking.

  • Client reminders

    Send reminders to clients about their upcoming consultations/sessions. Reduce no-shows!