FREE and PRO pricing options - InGym

Free to use for as long as you want

Get used to InGym in your own time with no 


For new or part time trainers with a limited training schedule.

£ 0 /mo

Includes all our main features:

  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited bookings and consultations
  • Unlimited diary and holidays
  • Unlimited training locations
  • Small-group training
  • Time, attendance and payment tracking
  • Client-trainer agreements and PAR-Q
  • Schedule up to 10 sessions per week
  • In-system support


For established or full-time trainers with a busy training schedule

£ 24 /mo

Includes everything in FREE plus:

  • Unlimited session scheduling
  • SMS notifications
  • Automated client reminders
  • Priority support

Common questions about our service

Is there a free trial?
No, because free accounts are free forever so there is no need for a trial. Just sign up to create your free account and use it for as long as you want. Only upgrade to PRO if you need to (or want to).
How do PRO payments work?
You only need to upgrade to PRO if you want to make your account unlimited and send SMS notifications. Your credit/debit card will be charged when you upgrade, and again every month you remain PRO. 
How easy is it to cancel PRO?
When you upgrade to PRO, a cancel button will appear on your account screen. If you choose to cancel no more payments will be taken and you will return to having a free account.
Are there any hidden costs?
Absolutely not. Only one simple monthly fee applies. PRO accounts benefit from the use of all features. There are no additional costs and nothing requiring an additional purchase.
What support is available?
We offer in-app chat support to all our users. Simply send us a message and we’ll get right back to you. During working hours we typically respond within a few minutes.
Do costs change if I have a lot of clients?
No. We don’t link any costs to the number of clients you have. You only need to pay when you are scheduling enough sessions to need a PRO account.