Personal Trainer Software - InGym

A better way to run your training business

The professional time saving solution chosen by 1-2-1 and small group trainers.

No credit card required

“ InGym takes care of my business so I can focus on delivering effective sessions. ”

Ryan R — Personal Trainer, London

Scheduling software made just for personal trainers

No need to run a separate calendar and spreadsheet, manage your entire training business in one place:

  • 1 Client training sessions
  • 2 New client consultations
  • 3 Multiple training locations
  • 4 Small group training
  • 5 Appointments diary
  • 6 Holidays/personal time

InGym works the way you do

Arrange complete training schedules with clients in advance, or sell packages of time and arrange their sessions as you go

  • Bookings of any length
  • Schedule all sessions in advance, or one-by-one
  • Train different session lengths
  • Customise booking/invoice numbers

Create training schedules in seconds with powerful repeating

Planning sessions just became fun! InGym checks your future availability instantly and displays the results back to you. Say goodbye to checking your diary and never double book.

“ My clients love the messaging feature and reminders for upcoming training sessions. ”

Stefan — Personal Trainer, Bern

Small-group training? We've got you covered

Maximise income by training clients together, tracking their attendance and payments separately.

  • Individual attendance tracking
  • Charge different amounts to each client
  • Record client payments separately

Finances in any currency

Booking costs are calculated automatically using your hourly rate. Money owed is tracked against each client so you always know where you stand. See how effective your training business is by tracking your:

  • Time spent training
  • Money & payments received
  • Client attendances
  • Expenses (coming soon)

“ I've carried a diary and folder everywhere for years. Now all I need is my iPad! ”

Jamie — Freelance Personal Trainer, London

Say goodbye to evenings spent emailing clients

Make your client communication more efficient by using InGym's instant email and SMS notifications for sending:

  • Training schedules
  • Automatic session reminders
  • Statements/invoices
  • Payment receipts

Store all your client information in one place

New clients enter their details on-screen. Everything is tracked and stored online, always available and easy to update:

  • Personal details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Training goals and notes
  • PAR-Q
  • Client-Trainer agreements

Reduce the burden of daily admin

InGym's intelligent to-do list automatically compiles the jobs you need to do, so your mind is free to concentrate on training. Never forget to:

  • Reschedule a cancelled session
  • Follow up on a new-client consultation
  • Schedule time owed to clients
  • Record client attendances
  • Update an old client agreement

And much more

  • PAR-Q

    Gather PAR-Q responses directly into InGym for you to review, store and update whenever you need. 

  • Training notes

    Attach notes to all your schedule items. Useful for planning or recording session/consultation details.

  • Cancellations

    Cancel an individual session or an entire day with a single click, with notifications sent to clients.

  • Training locations

    Assign training locations to your appointments. Client schedules include the location of each session.

  • Training agreements

    Create and manage multiple client-trainer agreements for the different types of training you do.

  • Attendance records

    See which clients are reliable and who often misses training. Track how much training time is wasted.

“ InGym is seamless from client consultation and sign up, to paperwork, time tracking and payments. ”

Thomas — Personal Trainer, London