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Time saving client and schedule manager for 1-2-1 and small group personal trainers.

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InGym Personal Trainer

Your alternative to spreadsheets, emails and forms

Busy full-time trainer?

Get your business organised and save hours. InGym reduces your admin and keeps everything in one place.

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New or part-time trainer?

One place for all your training information. InGym handles the admin so you can focus on being a great trainer.

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InGym Personal Trainer Software

With InGym the busier you become, the more organised you'll be.

What does InGym do?

In a nutshell InGym takes care of the boring stuff, letting you concentrate on finding and training clients instead of admin.

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Make onboarding new clients a breeze

    Take new prospects from initial consultation to paying customers fast and without any forms.

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Remove paper and folders from your life

    Manage your PAR-Q's, training agreements and diary electronically, saving time (and trees).

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Simplify training time and money tracking

    Sell bookings of different lengths, prices and session combinations, and track client progress.

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Automate routine client communications

    Replace email with instant session and payment updates. Stop no-shows with automated reminders.

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Real-time updates and simplified taxes

    See at a glance how your business is performing and generate income/profit reports in seconds.

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Your business in the palm of your hand

    Benefit from having everything you need on your phone, tablet, or computer, wherever you are.

InGym Personal Trainer client manager InGym Personal Trainer schedule manager InGym Personal Trainer money manager

Everything in one place

Take your business to the next level with a system that keeps your important client, training and financial information together and always available. It only takes minutes to get started.

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InGym takes care of the business aspects so I can focus on delivering effective sessions in the gym.

Megan D.

Transformation Coach, London

Adam Miller.Transformation Coach, London
I've tried the other systems out there for PT's, but InGym did what I needed and is much easier to use.

Jason S.

Personal Trainer, Melbourne

Adam Miller.Personal Trainer, Melbourne