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A better way to run your personal training business

The online client and schedule management solution for 1-2-1 and small group personal trainers.

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InGym Personal Trainer

More training, less admin

If you’re a face-to-face trainer we can save you hours. That's time you can spend training yourself, finding new clients, or just having a life!

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Self-employed shouldn't mean losing your evenings to admin

Managing your clients, schedule and money every day can be tough, so we created InGym for you to simplify those everyday jobs.

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Easy client sign ups

    Arrange consultations with potential clients and sign them up on-screen there and then

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Reduce your paperwork

    Make the switch to digital PAR-Q, training agreements, invoicing and training notes

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Session planning

    Quickly plan training sessions with schedule and payment info sent directly to each client

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Payments and expenses

    Track which clients owe you money, how much, and log what you spend your money on

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Message and notify

    Easily send messages to all your clients and stop annoying no-shows with automatic reminders

  • InGym Personal Trainer Feature

    Measure your success

    Generate sales, expense and profit reports to see your business performance and file taxes

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All your work in one place

Combine your email, spreadsheets, calendars and paperwork into one joined up system that puts all your important client, training and financial information at your fingertips.

InGym is powerful, easy to use, makes you look good, and it only takes a couple of minutes to get started.

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As a freelance PT, InGym takes care of all the business aspects so I can focus on delivering effective sessions on the gym floor.

Ryan R

Personal Trainer, London

Adam Miller.Personal Trainer, London
InGym is simple to use and takes away a lot of those monotonous jobs (paperwork, emails, reminders, etc.)

Jason B.

Head PT, Bristol

Adam Miller.Head PT, Bristol
Signed up to use the online PAR-Q and agreements system (I was tired of carrying my folder around). Now I manage everything in one place!

Suzanna B.

1-2-1 Instructor, Brisbane

Adam Miller.1-2-1 Instructor, Brisbane
You don't lose time searching for settings or fields. Everything is streamlined and optimized to keep the focus on the essential things, the clients.

Stefan Z

Personal Trainer, Bern

Adam Miller.Personal Trainer, Bern