Service updates and feature releases

We are always working to improve InGym. This means we frequently release updates to the system. To receive information about these updates by email, subscribe to our mailing list.

22nd January 2020

Out of date PAR-Q tracker

InGym now draws your attention to any active clients who last completed their PAR-Q more than 12 months ago.

14th January 2020

Referral system launched

Our new referral system allows you to earn free Growth and Pro months by telling your friends and colleagues about InGym. ⠀

Personalised referral links are now available in every InGym account and there's no limit to the number of free months you can earn. For more information please refer to our Terms of Use.

9th January 2020

Manage your schedule on mobile

The final piece in the mobile jigsaw has now been released. You can now plan and reschedule sessions, consultations and appointments from anywhere on your phone or small tablet.

10th December 2019

The schedule comes to your phone

As of today, you can now see your full schedule on your phone. We've created a new day view which you can use to look at your planned events, change locations, mark attendances, add notes, etc. This is the last area of InGym to get the mobile treatment!

27th November 2019

Notes improvements and mobile events

A big update today!

First up, we've added formatting options for session, consultation and appointment notes. This should help you when writing up your sessions plans and logging activity. We've also improved the way you add notes, bringing it into line with our wider mobile updates.

Additionally, we have completely changed the way you view all events. When clicked they now display over the top of whatever screen you are currently on. This improves general navigation around the system and makes it quick and easy to view/change/update any event on your schedule from anywhere.

8th November 2019

Bookings go mobile

Big update today. We have brought mobile support to all the booking screens and completely reimagined their design and layout in the process!

You now have a booking summary screen with separate sessions and payments lists. The summary has been completely reworked to give you a much clearer view of what is going on, whether you're working with a single client or a group.

29th October 2019

Mobile support for clients

You can now add/signup your clients, view/edit all their information, and manage their PAR-Q and training agreements all on your phone!

3rd October 2019

Mobile support for messages and finances

Stage three of mobile support sees us add message sending, recording expenses and payments, and financial reporting.

24th September 2019

Mobile support for agreements, locations and holidays

The second stage of our mobile journey sees us release full support for managing your training agreements, training locations and holidays.

16th September 2019

First step to mobile support

Today we have applied the first system update on our journey to making InGym mobile compatible.

The first step sees us change the design and layout of every popup and form in the system, improving how they work and adopting a style that is more suitable for mobile use. We will now move on to rolling out full mobile support on a section by section basis in the coming weeks.

You'll also see many small improvements across the system and we fixed a handful of minor bugs that you were kind enough to tell us about.

24th July 2019

Client sign-up without agreements

A minor system update today to address a couple of things:

  1. You can now use the full client sign-up process if you don't have any training agreements added to your account. It'll just skip that step
  2. We fixed a strange bug which meant hitting your browser refresh button when planning sessions would send you into a weird state

22nd July 2019

Booking charts update

We've made a few small improvements to start the week:

  • You can now set session attendance directly from the schedule
  • A complete overhaul of the booking charts to make them easier to understand
  • Further enhancements to the booking creation process

24th June 2019

New Growth plan added

Since launching InGym we have learned a lot about how people use the system, mostly in the form of feedback from trainers. This has allowed us to challenge some of the assumptions we made when we initially started the project. This feedback has led to us reviewing our plans and we have now made some adjustments.

What has changed?

1. We have made SMS notifications an optional bolt-on. This means you are only paying for them if you want them, and unlike before free users can now enable them too. SMS now work as a recharging credit pack that tops up when you get low. As a result of this change we could reduce the price of Pro from £24 to £19/month.

2. We have switched from 'sessions per week' to 'active clients' as the primary plan differentiator. An active client is currently training with you. This means they have a booking containing upcoming sessions and/or unplanned time. The Starter plan includes up to 2 active clients, whilst the Pro plan is unlimited.

3. We have introduced a new Growth plan. This sits between Starter and Pro and includes up to 10 active clients. It's priced at £9/month and is designed for part-time or new trainers with a 'growing' client base. Like Pro, the Growth plan also has automatic reminders enabled.

You can see all the details of our new plans on our new pricing page here.

28th May 2019

New reports now available

We're delighted to have released our new reports area which brings together your sales, payments and expenses into a simple but powerful report generator. Use it to analyse the performance of your training business and also provide you with the figures required to help complete your annual tax returns.

You can choose to report on your sales (the value of bookings sold to clients), or your payment receipts (money you have actually received). And with monthly and weekly report styles you can be sure to generate the report you need.

17th May 2019

Track your expenses!

Track your expenses!

You've been asking for this one and now it's here! Track your business expenses alongside your client payments with everything plotted on your dashboard. Log your vendor/supplier expenses into categories and add descriptions.

We've also made some performance improvements for iOS.

10th May 2019

Bookings just got better!

Bookings just got better!

Bookings are at the centre of your InGym world, so we wanted to make them easier for you to create. The result is a new design for the entire process.

  1. Specify the total training time (hours) the booking will include
  2. Schedule some sessions up front (or don't, it's your choice)
  3. Select the client(s) you're training and review their price calculation

That's it, plus a new option in your settings allows you to specify your preferred (default) training time which will be used each time you start a new booking.

We've also made it possible to schedule unplanned training time directly from the schedule (you can still do it the old way too).

And as always, we've made a number of performance improvements and squashed a couple of minor bugs we found on iOS.

Happy training!

12th April 2019

Agreements and PAR-Q improvements

It's natural to assume that not every tweak you make to a training agreement needs all of your clients to re-sign the new version. So now when editing an agreement you can decide whether or not the change is significant or not. If it is, updating the agreement with clients signed up to the old version will be created for you as a business task. If it isn't, it won't. Simple!

We've also made some smaller changes:

  • If a client fails PAR-Q during the sign up process, they will be added as an archived client just in case you want to recall their information again in the future.
  • If one of your clients has no PAR-Q data, then you'll be alerted to this with a shiny new business task on your dashboard.
  • We now show you if a client's training agreement is out-of-date when you're looking at it (which seemed rather handy).
  • The 'outdated agreements' screen will no longer list archived clients, as that was clearly ridiculous!

18th March 2019

Create-your-own tasks

Some of you have expressed a desire to add your own tasks. Well, we were tinkering with the business tasks area for the dashboard redesign, so it seemed like the perfect time for this too.

Now you can add your own personal tasks/reminders and tick them off as you complete them. Click a task to edit its description or edit the list to re-order and delete items.

Now you can remember to do more things.

15th March 2019

New dashboard!

New dashboard!

There has been room for dashboard improvement for a while, and now it's happened!

Here's what we've changed: 

  1. The existing graphs (bookings and payments) have been merged into one
  2. A new chart line has been added that tracks the value of your sales
  3. There are new more useful business summaries
  4. A new layout for your business tasks

Not only that, but this update also signifies our first steps towards full responsiveness (the system working on computers AND phones). So sign in to InGym on your phone and prepare to be amazed (by the dashboard that is. More sections will be coming soon).

29th January 2019

Daily emails for everyone!

You will now find an email in your inbox every morning giving you an at-a-glance view of your day ahead.

We've also made over 50 small fixes and enhancements across the system including:

  1. A fix for the curious error that would suddenly cause booking costs and debts to round to 14 decimal places!
  2. Removing the 'fake' clash when adding a holiday directly after an existing event.

13th December 2018

Automated client reminders (PRO)

If you are finding it tedious sending out client reminders every day, then this update is for you. Turn on auto-reminders, sit back and relax. Reminders will be sent to each client automatically the day before their consultations and/or sessions.

Whilst doing this we have also made it possible to send a new reminder to a client if their session has been moved. This seemed like something you'd want to do.

6th December 2018

Working hours!

You can now specify the normal hours you work. Doing this improves your schedule experience by ensuring your scheduled events are always in view (especially useful on small tablets).

Alongside this update we have also squashed a couple of bugs:

1. Adding more sessions to a booking wasn't always updating the booking price correctly
2. Rotating or changing your screen size whilst scheduling sessions could have some undesirable side-effects

12th November 2018

Minor improvements Monday

Today we have released a few small enhancements which we hope you will enjoy. Because it's Monday, and it's raining!

1. We now show you the hourly rate you are achieving for a booking while you are creating it
2. In addition to showing you the total number of sessions for each week on your schedule, we now show you the total raining hours too!
3. When updating a client's agreement, we no longer offer their current agreement as one to switch to, as clearly that wasn't very useful.

9th October 2018

Multi-client messaging

Our latest update allows you to send a message to multiple clients at the same time. You can also now view the content of sent messages in-app.

21st August 2018

Simplifying the booking list

Simplifying the booking list

We released a visual update earlier today that simplifies the booking list. The update tidies up the session progress column, and also makes it much easier to see at a glance how much time is yet to be scheduled.

2nd August 2018

Client training notes

As of today, you can add extra notes to your clients, in addition to the session notes you could already. You'll find this new feature alongside the client goal options.

30th July 2018

Bookings Simplified!

Bookings Simplified!

Today's update makes it a lot easier to create empty bookings. We've listened to your feedback and understand you are not always arranging sessions with clients when selling them a package of time. So now, you can quickly create a booking (money and time) for a client and leave arranging the sessions until a later date.

24th July 2018



Today we've improved our schedule for those of you working across the globe. Your account timezone will help you coordinate your training business when travelling or moving between countries.

11th March 2018

Schedule enhancements

Today we've released some behind the scenes updates to improve the performance and stability of the schedule.

We also slipped in a few improvements:

  1. We now include the length of an entry beside it's time so you don't need to work it out for yourself
  2. We now calculate the hourly rate you are achieving for each booking
  3. When using residual booking time, you can now schedule multiple sessions at the same time
  4. When changing the length of a booking, you can now change the booking price at the same time

5th February 2018

Bug fix Monday!

Today we've gathered up some annoying glitches and wiped them from the face of your screen. Unhelpful bugs fixed in this release included:

  1. Editing a holiday could cause it to clash with itself (which was silly)
  2. List screens (bookings, transactions) occasionally stopped scrolling after 60 items had been displayed
  3. The amount each client had paid/owed on group bookings had moved under their name so you couldn't read it

26th January 2018

New notification selectors

New notification selectors

It's always nice to end the week with some good news. So today we've improved the client notification buttons so you can enjoy the experience of firing out all those rescheduling alerts even more!

24th January 2018

Major system update for 2018

Sometimes we get feedback and make a few tweaks. Maybe we polish a few edges. But last year we had such a mind bending array of feedback, we realised it needed more drastic action.

We'd like to thank everyone who has contributed their feedback to help us create the brand new InGym. It represents such a major update we even changed our name! Hundreds of tweaks have been made, and every edge polished. We hope you like it.

Here are a few highlights:

New entry screens

Much improved layouts across sessions, consultations and appointments.

New booking creation process

Booking creation

We've made it really easy see the important details about the booking you are constructing (sessions, clients, time and price). 

Improved repeating

Session repeating

Now you can see what the clashes will be before you run the repeat.

14th July 2017

Add unscheduled time to existing bookings (+bug fixes)

We heard your complaints at not being able to adjust the length of existing bookings, so if you count yourself as one of those people we hope this update brings you joy. You can now edit the total time assigned to each booking, which means you can:

  • Add unscheduled time to bookings that currently have none
  • Add more unscheduled time to bookings that already have some
  • Remove unscheduled time from bookings that don’t deserve it

We figured you will probably want to change the booking price in these situations, so we added that facility too.

We also squeezed in a few bug fixes

  • No more orange blocks jumping around uncontrollably in Firefox when placing a new consultation
  • Booking prices now actually change on the booking summary screen when you save a change (sorry about that)
  • You’ll no longer be forcibly signed out if you change your account email address (that seemed a bit harsh)

10th June 2017

Schedule performance improvements

You 'power users' out there might have noticed the schedule had a tendency to slow down a bit after a particularly hardcore scheduling session. We found this annoying too, so we popped the hood and switched a few wires around. The result is a speedier schedule with no lag!